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Lighting Services

Lighting Services

We offer numerous lighting products from occupancy sensing, intelligent dimming controls, fixture and lamp retrofits, and high efficiency ballast replacements. By integrating your lighting controls with your buildings HVAC control system, you have a powerful platform to reduce your energy consumption. 

Unlock the potential of the Powerlink® G3 lighting control system with LCS Basic and Advanced software from Schneider Electric. Schedule events, override lighting, and check the status of breaker with the click of a button. Easy-to-navigate software gives a whole new meaning to lighting control.

  • Reduce costly down time by using a personal computer to access information and programming
  • Create schedules that easily apply to all controllers within a system, rather than programing each controller individually
  • Quickly view branch circuit status. (on, off, tripped, or non-responding)
  • Examine system event logs, make configuration modifications, create or modify schedules, initiate overrides, and upgrade firmware

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Schneider Electric