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Unprecedented Lighting Control

Whether you are in the design phase of a new project or considering a lighting retrofit, we can increase your energy efficiency and reduce your lighting costs.

Lighting Control Solutions can save large amounts of energy and create major reductions in energy use shrink. 

We understand unique lighting needs to create a system to invisibly and effectively manage lighting controls.  Your lighting control system can extend the life of your equipment, improve safety and reduce energy use.  Because lighting uses more electricity than any other building system, we look for solutions that improve your bottom line, increase your employee productivity, and reduce the labor, maintenance, and operating costs associated with lighting.

We offer a wide variety of lighting controls that combine sophisticated design with ease of use. These include dimmers, dimming racks, relays, scene controllers, timers, motion sensors, occupancy sensors, day-lighting, and architectural controls. 

Solutions can encompass:

  • Basic solutions - standalone
  • Single space solutions
  • Small area solutions
  • Multiple rooms - floor solutions
  • Entire building - campus-wide solutions