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Scott High School

Scott High School

Market: Education
Location: Taylor Mill, Kentucky


Outdated equipment, old building.


Allow the school to maxmize energy savings by using LED lighting fixtures.  We utilized dimming capabilities of the LED lighting to decrease intensity based on teacher preference or daylight levels to tune the lights to a maximum brightness to not over-light spaces. We also used occupancy sensors with schedules to make sure lights turned off when areas were not in use.

A Closer Look

Utilizing a floor plan based on graphical front-end, the district is able to adjust the lighting on a room-by-room basis.  With software analytics, the school can see over time how these changes are impacting energy usage.  During a one year period from July 2014 - July 2015, the lighting control system saved the school 53% more energy (compared to a baseline uncontrolled building) and brought the EUI (kBTUhr/sqft) down to 3.0.