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Publishers Press

Publishers Press

Market: Production
Location: Kentucky


Sky-rocketing service and equipment costs at 2 locations.


Implant 2 CSUSA employees permanently at each location.

A Closer Look

Publishers Press is a 5th generation printing company with a tradition of partnering with clients rather than simply servicing them.  They have 1,700 employees and 2 facilities - Shepherdsville, a 340,000 square foot facility and Lebanon Junction, a 654,000 square foot facility.  Over a one-year period, it came to our attention that Publishers was spending a large amount of money on repairs and repeatedly calling for service.  Based on their history, we designed a plan that included pre-planning for equipment replacements over time as well as accounting for unexpected repairs.  After meeting with Plant Managers, it was decided that we would implant two (2) qualified service technicians onsite to save them a substantial amount of cost over the long run.