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Louisville Metro Housing Authority

Louisville Metro Housing Authority

Market: Government
Location: Louisville, Kentucky


Over 157 apartment buildings to manage and protect.


Our Louisville team helps the LMHA (Louisville Metro Housing Authority) manage the numerous apartment buildings and properties they own the responsibility for through federally subsidized money.  The Andover Continuum Control System helps to drive down the cost of energy by integrating lighting, temperature, airflow, and humidity controls to maintain the environment whether it is a single building complex, a college campus, or tenant buildings.

A Closer Look

We ensure building energy reduction by analyzing facility operations and energy consumption patterns.  We then identify opportunities to replace, maintain, and deliver results.  As with any cost-conscious group, saving as much money as you can is always a priority.  Maintaining, as well as servicing these properties can easily be managed through the Andover Continuum line of control products.