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Canaan Christian Church

Canaan Christian Church

Market: Institutional
Location: Louisville, Kentucky


Systems and building size changing over the years to accommodate the number of worshippers.


HVAC systems are the largest energy consuming building system in most commercial buildings today. As the cost of energy increases, the importance of proper service and maintenance is magnified. Upgrading and replacing outdated equipment as well as maintaining new equipment made sense. Canaan Christian Church benefits because they can maintain heating and cooling equipment, increase the life span of their equipment, lower operating costs, reduce downtime of equipment, and improve the air quality in their buildings by having our team provide them with service maintenance.

A Closer Look

With a congregation of 97 people in 1983 and now over 4,000 in their congregation, their needs have drastically changed over time, and our Louisville office has been able to make a huge impact by servicing their facilities.